The Golden Hour

Over 80% of the people who die during Medical Emergencies do so because they do not receive help in time. That critical period between an event occurring and the life being saved is known as “The Golden Hour”.

Over the decades in India, we have come across a number of anecdotes of how people lay on the roadside while people passed by – or that the doctors took hours to look at a victim brought to them. The lack of knowledge and sense of urgency increases the fatalities in accidents. This can be avoided.

Quoting The Hindu –

According to a survey conducted for Save Life Foundation (SLF), an organisation that works in the sector, among 1,027 road-users in Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Indore and Kolkata, 74 per cent of the bystanders are unlikely to assist a victim of serious injury. When asked the reason behind it, 88 per cent of the respondents said that they were reluctant to help because of fear of legal complications, including repeated police questioning and court appearances; 77 per cent said that hospitals unnecessarily detain helpful persons and refuse treatment if payment is not made promptly; 88 per cent expressed the need for a supportive legal environment to encourage Good Samaritans to provide badly needed assistance to road accident victims.

The challenge is not in the Human nature – it is in empowerment of the passerby to do something about the victim . At the same time, it is unfair to expect a passerby to be entangled in a court case for 3 years (has occurred) just because she helped an accident victim.

Are you empowered?

Recent rulings in the Supreme Court of India allow for Good Samaritans to be spared the need to engage in the subsequent legal proceedings in an accident.

Specifically, the police cannot ask you :

  1. To reveal your name or other personal details on receiving your call
  2. To be a witness in court case

So you are now empowered to help!

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