Scan2Save Lives

An elegant solution is now available to save lives in cases of Emergencies.

Over 150,000 people die in accidents in India. Over 80% of these victims could have been saved if they had received timely help from passers by.

Scan2Save is designed with the view of helping save lives in time. By informing those who can act to save the person who is in an accident in a timely manner, Scan2Save proposes to save lives.

The dilemma of a passer by in India is ” To Engage or Not to Engage” . Most people , upon witnessing or coming across and accident would love to help the person – however, they hesitate thinking about the length of engagement required, what kind of issues may arise, the police and their questions and the various complicated forms that need to be filed in a Hospital for accident cases. All these visions of prolonged legal or hospital engagement, often work as powerful deterrents.

There is also an increase in apathy with the increase of Smartphones in the environment. People stand by and actually click photos of accident victims and share it online without lifting a finger to help them.




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